Rogue Coin | Building a System to Bring the Benefits of Social Media Engagement into Crypto Conversions

Rouge Coin aims to transcend the user’s engagement into crypto conversions facilitated by the social networking platform Bou-Gee. Using this platform, users can convert every like, comment, and interaction into crypto money. The transacted money will be credited into the wallet of the users which is embedded into the system. Not only social media interactions, but users can also share cryptocurrency with the community members via the blockchain on a decentralized network.

Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Social Media

Blockchain and cryptocurrency already have a plethora of use cases, but with Rogue Coin and Bou-Gee, the users can also include social media interactions into the same system. On the platform, Likes are converted into a tipping system, and the ERC-20 tokens will be forwarded to the users.

Artists, musicians, models, creatives, comedians, and photographers can use the platform to monetize their content. The users can share their content on the Bou-Gee platform, and the engagement on the platform will be monetized on Rogue Coin.

The other aspects of the platform work similarly to the popular social media platforms in terms of post sharing and user viewing experience. Moreover, the content users can share invites with no restrictions. Hence, Rogue Coin provides the users with a fully decentralized system.

The Rogue Coin Wallet and Hard Fork System

While the Bou-Gee platform has a different software wallet, the Rogue Coin platform has another separate wallet with better and higher security features. The wallet is meant to keep the user’s coins safe.

The RogueCoin fork is an additional function of the system, with a total supply of 18,000,000 coins available for exchange. They are meant for stakeholding and will transact on the Rogue De-Fi network. Rogue De-Fi is a security-based investment platform allowing more serious investors to become an integral part of the network.

The Coin Supply and Circulation

The total coin supply of the native cryptocoin XRGE is 18 billion, out of which 10% is locked in the cold storage, and 16 billion coins are in circulation. So, the likes user will get on their platform will be converted into XRGE, and the same will be deposited into the wallet.

Since it is a secure and managed blockchain, the likes and rewards generated from the interaction are secured via safe contracts. RogueCoin has a transaction speed that is 5x to 10x faster than the bitcoin transaction speed. The users can exchange ETH to get XRGE from the platform and start engaging.

About RogueCoin

RogueCoin is a social media-based cryptocurrency platform working together with Bou-Gee to help content creators earn crypto coins from their content. The likes and shares users will get on the content will be converted into the native cryptocurrency of the platform, XRGE. The same will then be credited to the user’s wallet under security.



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