• Cryptocurrency platform attack via social engineering at GoDaddy November 23, 2020
    Employees of the domain registrar GoDaddy fell victim to social engineering. They gave attackers access to cryptocurrency platforms. GoDaddy confirmed that some of its employees have fallen for a social engineering scam. Due to the captured data, hackers have taken over the email and DNS records for a number of crypto trading platforms. According to […]
  • OCC Wants to End Banks’ Discrimination of Disfavored Businesses Including Crypto Companies November 23, 2020
    The OCC is proposing a rule change that compels large U.S. banks to offer and provide fair access to financial services to anyone that wants them. The proposition seeks to clarify the obligation of large banks to provide fair access to financial services in a manner consistent with the Dodd-Frank Act’s mandate. Discrimination Against Disfavored […]
  • $20 Billion in Crypto Under Custody: Coinbase Sees ‘Explosion of Capital’ From Institutional Investors November 22, 2020
    Coinbase has revealed that it has had “an explosion of incoming capital.” Its assets under custody currently stand at $20 billion, $14 billion of which were accumulated since April. Coinbase highlights a string of bullish events that have “really unleashed” a wave of institutional adoption. Coinbase Has $20 Billion in Custody Coinbase’s Head of Institutional […]
  • Chainalysis: Already 3,700,000 Bitcoin lost forever November 21, 2020
    The amount of Bitcoin is known to be limited. But how big is the percentage of lost BTC? Chainalysis gets to the bottom of this question and sees the increased number of institutional investors as a price driver. There are many myths about lost bitcoins. The blockchain analysis company Chainalysis has come to a highly […]
  • Can Ethereum Make You Rich In 2021? November 21, 2020
    E-Crypto News’ update provides the latest articles on technology and cryptocurrencies. e-cryptonews.com Continue reading Can Ethereum Make You Rich In 2021? at E-Crypto News. The post Can Ethereum Make You Rich In 2021? appeared first on MeetCrypto.net.


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